Newman Minerals Products:
Rip Rap, Washed Concrete Aggregates, Crushed Products, Road Base, Clays of Various Natural Color and Type, Sands, Decorative Materials

The resources of Newman Minerals are historically one of California’s most significant sources of mineral products. Our materials have been used in the construction of roads and buildings; for railroad ballast; riprap for levees; stone for rock walls; concrete aggregates for schools and bridges; clays for brick and cement; blended products for landscaping and stone for roofing materials.

Strategically located in the central valley, Newman Minerals is the only facility to supply so many products in California with both truck and rail access. Combining our “we’ve got it all” product availability and logistical advantage with our dedication to service, Newman Minerals is clearly positioned to meet the industrial and construction needs of today. With permits to produce over 300 million tons of materials, we are in a position to expand our role well into the future.

Some of Our Products:

Rip Rap:

We can provide high quality Rip Rap sorted to meet project requirements of
almost any size and shape.


Washed Concrete Aggregates:

Our Sand and Gravel products meets all ASTM and CalTrans specifications.


Aggregate Base:

Road Base for any size construction project and specification.


Railroad Ballast:

Class #1, #2 and #3 and AREMA specifications shipped by truck or rail.


Crushed Rock:

We can provide quality crushed rock for any size project or specification.

Aggregates and Minerals We Provide:

Rip rap
Road base
Crushed rock
Railroad ballast
Crushed stone
Engineered stone
Concrete aggregate
Asphalt aggregate
[/one_third] [one_third] Sand and Specialty:
Fill Sand
Plaster Sand
Arena Sand
Manufactured Sand
Septic & Filtration Sand
Sandy Loam
Top Soil
Engineered Fill
Fill Sand
Screened DG
Construction Entrance Rock
[/one_third] [one_third_last] Clays:
Pond Liner Clay
Industrial Clay
Kaoline Clay
Red Clay
White Clay
Bulk Clay

Custom products or blends available on request.

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